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  • Nov : 13 : 2019 - New Batch for Sem-II of BCS, BCA(Science), BBA-CA (BCA), Starting Soon…

We are Pune based Training Academy specialized in Computer Science and Technology and continuously providing knowledge solutions since 2006. Our expert members are dedicated to work in improvement of Computer Science and Engineering field and well experiences in training. So we are tied to provide the training especially in Computer Science and Engineering beyond dream…..

NSG Academy is the pioneer institution in exclusive coaching for all subjects for “BCS /BCA and helping students on complete personal basis”, with a 11+years of fruitful experience. NSG academy provides comprehensive and result oriented coaching for BCS / BCA by experienced and knowledgeable faculty members. NSG Academy stands at high position by producing Top Rankers consistently in BCS / BCA, in a very short span of time.

As the aspirants are standing at the crucial stage of their career, along with hard work and intelligence, another important factor that would play a decisive role in their success is the availability of right guidance and being in the company of likeminded people. This is where the aspirant has to choose the best coaching institute to realize their dreams and turn them into reality.

NSG Academy has constantly been chosen as a success partner by number of aspirants every year. The success of our students was inspiring and so was their faith in NSG Academy. The quality and success stories of NSG Academy can be enquired from number of students. It was this faith that was a catalyst for the emergence of NSG Academy as the best brand in the field of  Computer Science and Application Branch.

We, “NSG Academy” believe in the principle of well-planned studies and giving proper & complete guidance of all the core Computer Science & Engineering Subjects.

“Teaching is our Passion and Knowledge is our power !”




NSG Academy

Other Classes

Faculties Availability Local & Highly Experienced and Committed faculty members (365 days ) Coming from outside mostly only weekends
Subjects All Subjects (Computer / Electronics / Maths / Stats) Only selected Subjects
Appointment for asking doubts No. Any time you come. Yes.
Language Problem No Yes
Learning Environment 100% stress free studies Full of stress during studies
Timetable Flexibility of timetable No flexible Timetable
Fees Lowest Highest
Specialty Exclusively for BCS / BCA Busy in other training programs
Syllabus Completion No time set for subject completion. Focus on understanding of subject. Faculties are busy in their own schedule so time limit for Subject completion
Best Infrastructure Yes No
Personal Attention Yes No (To much crowded)
Library Facility Yes No
Comprehensive Notes Yes No
Topic wise Test Series Yes No


  • Our guidance + Your Hard Work + Our Success Plan = Guaranteed Success.
  • We hold your hand till you succeed.


  • New Batch for Sem-II of BCS, BCA(Science), BBA-CA (BCA), Starting Soon…